Want to lead a more fulfilling life? Make a move towards a lifelong change!
Imagine you can live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life by deepening and strengthening your connection with yourself and others. Schedule a session and discover how you can create lasting transformation in your relationships and life.
My name is C├ęderik Goossens, I'm a connection coach and masculinity mentor
My approach is a combination of deep listening, parts work, shadow work, the connection process and systemic work.
Not all approaches will work for everyone. Let's just say that I have a toolbox with enough tools. Together we can find out what the best way to go is for you personally.
Connection Coaching
Connection is the biggest unmet need. Learn how to bridge the gap between yourself and other people, and between parts of yourself.
Masculinity Mentorship
What does it mean to be a man? How do you define maleness and masculinity? Reclaim your manhood in a healthy way.
Transformation Trajectory
A personalised, one-on-one coaching program to get you unstuck, get you back into wholeness and balance, and live to your fullest potential.
I can help if you have any of the following
These are all signs of needs that haven't been fulfilled for a long time.
Creating connection, closeness and community. Step by step. Breath by breath.